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By David Cox

First Published on December 14, 2015 2:17 PM MST

  • iRig Pro Duo Music Portable Interface Device (used with permission of IK Multimedia)

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iRig Pro Duo USB MIDI Interface

iRig Pro Duo is a studio-quality 24-bit audio box that is very easy to use, solidly built and is effectively, a bridge between the real world of microphones, guitars, basses, keyboards and those sometimes precious, finicky phones, pads, tablets and laptops and all the variations in the between.

Guitars and keyboards are from the 20th Century. They are heavy, solid, require effort to use and lift and carry. Data is about now. It is invisible, glows in the dark and is all around us. The iRig Pro Duo offers a kind of high speed tunnel between the two worlds. It is an Analog to Digital Converter for creative audio artists on the move, and the Swiss Army Knife version of one at that.

There are 2 channels with XLR/TRS combo audio jacks and phantom power so you can use high-end condenser microphones as well as guitars, basses, keyboards and any MIDI controller out there. This reminds me very strongly of the famous Zoom Hn4 field recorder which has a similar setup for audio in, and which can also be used as a USB interface.

Connections include Lightning, USB-OTG and USB and it comes with the proper cables which is a great thing given its true portability.

It is possible to do Dual-channel recording with each channel having its own input gain control; each channel can be afforded the correct input signal while recording.

MIDI machine

With iRig Pro DUO, you don’t just have a superb portable interface for audio; you can also hook up your favorite MIDI controllers. This is thanks to its included TRS to MIDI-DIN cables and dedicated MIDI in/out jacks, so you can control MIDI-compatible software (or send MIDI data to MIDI-compatible hardware, like synthesizers, drum machines and samplers) with plug and play simplicity.

High-quality studio condenser microphones require 48V of external power to function. It’s part of what makes them sound so good, crisp and accurate. With iRig Pro DUO, you’ll have that 48V of phantom power at your fingertips. Just plug in your high-quality condenser mic, flip iRig Pro DUO’s phantom power switch and record until your heart’s content.

Monitoring & output

iRig Pro DUO comes with two 1/4” TRS balanced analog audio outputs for your speakers.

These outputs provide clear audio signal via onboard output drivers.

You can also do direct monitoring to monitor either the direct incoming “dry” signals, or the processed signal coming back at you from your device or computer. There is a output amplifier as well so you can hear your mix back nice and loud via headphones. iRig Pro DUO can be powered with 2 AA batteries for use with iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can plug in a USB or Micro USB to OTG cables and iRig Pro DUO is then powered by the connected computer or Android device, or the AA batteries. Camped out in the studio? Plug it into the wall with a DC power adapter (not included) for extended recording sessions.


• Truly mobile dual input audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC

• Simultaneous dual track recording interface for all instruments

• Ultra-compact housing for extreme portability

• Dual identical XLR/TRS combo input jacks

• Dual ultra-low noise studio-quality IK preamps

• Individual input gain controls

• 48V phantom power

• Self-powered (2 AA batteries), device powered or DC power adapter (not included)

• 24-bit AD-DA converters

• Dual 1/4” switchable TRS balanced outs

• 1/8” 3.5mm Headphone out w/ level control

• MIDI IN/OUT jacks

• Ultra-compact housing fits in the palm of your hand

• Comes with mini-DIN to Lighting, Micro USB OTG and standard USB cables

• Designed and made in Italy

iRig Pro Duo is the MIDI box to take with you the next time to want to do some recording in the park, or to play outside with your keyboards with the band somewhere out in the open. Its super-versatile, highly adaptable and has uses to which I’m sure even the inventors have yet to discover.

RRP: $199.99

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