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Mike Room, IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Mike Room

First published in by David Cox

The idea of a mic room is a luxurious concept. A room full of the very best microphones, each with its special qualities, plugged into a fancy mixing board, ready to enable the recording of a radio play, a song or an opera. But when might most people ever have access to such a thing? A mic room is the stuff of professional recording lore. The realm of rock stars, top producers, big record contracts. But no longer. Such is the state of modern technology that microphone modeling can happen on the modern phone or IOS device.

Mic Room is the perfect companion to IK’s digital and analog mics like the latest iRig Mic Studio condenser. When paired with such microphones, Mic Room gives you complete access to a selection of the best dynamic, condenser and ribbon-type microphones that are everyday tools in A-list music studios all over the world.

I tried Mic Room with my iRig Field microphone on my iPhone 6+ and was able to try a full range of available mics. One of these was ‘old telephone mic’ – a rather classic sounding 1930s sound synonymous with radio broadcasts from the golden age of radio. Another mic was modeled was Bottle 563

Based on the famous cylindrical-with-a-sphere-on-the-top Neumann® CMV-563. A rich, full sound, this classic mike had a great sound and I was instantly reminded of how great this whole software would be for recording radio plays or operas, such as my Rocket Opera, “Cosmonauts on the Moon”.

This ‘meta mic’ aspect is a truly amazing experience as the notion of using one kind of mic to access the digital equivalents of so many classic mics takes recording to a whole new level. To use the software, you simply plug in your favorite digital or analog microphone from IK (you can also use your iPhone/iPad’s built-in mic), select which model you want it to sound like and you’ll be able to instantly tap into the inspiring sound of many timeless classics. You get tried and true dynamic workhorses, rich and velvety tube condensers, ultra-smooth ribbons and even more unusual creative mic types.


• Powerful microphone modeling app

• Nine mic models (1 upon software registration and 2 more after registering an IK hardware mic)

• Expandable with more mic models via in-app purchase

• Companion app for IK’s range of digital and analog microphones

• Also works with your iPhone or iPad’s built-in mic and Apple Headset

• Adjustable input level

• Level meter

• Master bypass switch

• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus compatibility

• Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

• Free version also available

The native iPad version will be available soon

Mic Room is available as either a free version (with 2 mic model included and other microphone models available via in-app purchase) or as a full version with 9 included and the ability to add more models for free via hardware registration and also via in-app purchase.

Available in both free version and $7.99

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